Monday, December 31, 2012

Owen's Christmas...Did He End Up the Naughty or Nice List?

This year Owen was all about Santa. He even wrote his Santa letter two months before Christmas. You'll notice Barry helped him.
Dear Santa Claus, 
My name is Owen V. I am trying to be a good boy this year. I just started kindergarten  My teacher's name is Mrs. H. I am trying to learn lots of things in kindergarten. I am also helping my mommy and daddy keep the house clean and take care of my baby sister, Emma. 
If I make it onto the "good list", I would really like to have the following toys for Christmas: 
  • Lego City Police Dog Catcher
  • Lego Dinosaur Helicopter
  • Lego Dinosaur Home
  • Lego Dinosaur Truck with seat on top and a guy on top with a hat.
Owen V.
We reminded Owen often about Santa's elves watching him. He wasn't too worried about it so we told him we'd take away a Christmas present instead if he didn't stop antagonizing Emma. The sibling fights have already started now that Emma is crawling and getting into Owen's toys. Hearing "No Emma" endlessly, followed by her screeching and crying as he tries blocking her or carrying her away, is enough to drive anyone crazy. My suggestion, to move his toys into his room and to play with them his room's door shut has so far been ignored. He also wants to play with Emma's toys, which is fine, until Emma notices and wants to play with it now. We remind him she's a baby and does not know how to share her toys.

At work they held a fun event for the families called "Milk and Cookies with Santa". They had milk and cookies to munch on while you waited for your turn to visit with Santa. They even had a professional photographer (a co-worker's wife) there to take your picture with Santa. Owen was super excited all day to come see him. He hopped on Santa's lap without a second thought and told him exactly what he wanted. Emma on the other hand instantly bawled.

So the question at hand, "Did Owen end up on the naughty or nice list this year?" I think this picture gives it away.
Owen with his Lego "Police Dog Catcher"
Owen also got Yoda slippers, Marvel Superheros Sticker book, Angry Birds Hot Wheels Slingshot Track, stuffed Zebra with red fleece blanket, V-Tech digital camera, Erector Motorized Set, Yahtzee Jr. - Toy Story Edition, Candy Land, clothes, Fisher-Price Trio Boat & Airplane kits, Hot Wheels cars and mini Monster truck.
Owen showing off his Yoda slippers and his Christmas pajamas (Angry Birds)
Owen said this was the happiest Christmas ever!

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