Sunday, December 30, 2012

Emma's First Christmas

Emma has added such joy during this Christmas season. Watching her experience the sights of Christmas has been so much fun. We decorated our tree and the living room while she napped. It was a 2 1/2 hour nap so we were done decorating by the time she woke up. Her reaction was priceless. Her mouth went into an O shape and out came "Ooooo."

Emma left the tree alone for the most part especially since we didn't put any presents under it. I use ribbon as the garland and this year started it about 1/4 of the way up our 9 foot tree. Before we started hanging ornaments, I told Owen anything below the ribbon was the Emma-zone, where she'd be able to reach, and not to put ornaments there. That really decreased Emma's interest level with the tree and didn't look bad either. Emma loved crawling up and pointing/touching at a particular light. Barry tied the tree to our banister and it's pre-lit, so we had no worries about her pulling it onto herself or pulling off a strand of lights.

This Christmas I decided to let the kids open a present each week. Their first present was a holiday outfit for church, a half zip sweater for Owen and a red dress for Emma. Their second present was an ornament for each of them and the third present was a book. Then on Christmas Eve, Owen and Emma opened and wore their Christmas pajamas. I thought Emma would love ripping the paper off the wrapped presents. She went wild with pulling the tissue paper out of the gift bags instead.

Emma got pretty spoiled by everyone. She got stuffed animals (teddy bear, bunny, kitty), dolls (Baby Princess Ariel and Rapunzel), books, clothes, a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen, a quilt, a pink & purple wagon, sippy cups and cinnamon animal cracker treats.

What just happened!?! Emma wasn't quite sure about the camera flash.
New books from Santa (P.S. Emma is wearing her Christmas pajamas)
Emma's present from Owen

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