Monday, August 12, 2013

Owen Riding without Training Wheels

Funny story...
We got Owen a new bike for his 6th birthday since he'd outgrown the bike he was using. A couple weeks after that, I was backing out of the garage when I heard a crunch. Owen had put his bike right next to my car and I didn't notice. Thankfully I had only backed over one of his training wheels. Instead of buying new training wheels, Barry put on a training wheel from his old bike. The wheel was a little smaller than the other one so it made the bike tipsy, but Owen was able to still ride by leaning to one side. Then for no apparent reason the other training wheel kept loosening. After tightening it at least a dozen times, we decided to take off the training wheels. He was able to ride without them the first time he tried! Now I'm actually glad I backed over his training wheel.

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