Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Rewind

Summer vacation started this year on the last week in May. Owen did so well in Kindergarten. Not to brag but he was in the Advanced Reading class most of the year. He reads so well but he's not an avid reader like his mom (yet). We started reading Ralph and the Motorcycle before he goes to bed. It was my favorite book from elementary school and I've wanted to share it now that Owen is old enough to hear chapter books. I've seen big growth in Owen's emotional maturity. He had a fantastic teacher that worked with him in a manner that Owen positively responded to. We do hope his next teacher works with him just as well.

We haven't gone anywhere far from home this summer. Barry's nursery really makes it impossible to go on a week long vacation. We did go with Barry on a late afternoon delivery to Etna, Wyoming.  I expected the scenery would be simply beautiful and I wasn't disappointed. Everything was so green. On the way home, we stopped at a restaurant called Tootsies. Barry and I had some delicious garlic shrimp pasta. Owen was so hungry that he ate his personal-size cheese pizza as well as half of Emma's noodles! I totally recommend eating there.

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