Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Rewind: Part 2 - 4th of July

We did do lots of a fun-filled 4th of July weekend.

July 3rd
We watched the Rigby fireworks. Since our house is just a few miles from Rigby Lake we just watched them from our backyard. You can hear them well from our house too. The noise was enough to scare Emma. Last year we'd gone to the Menan, Idaho fireworks and absolutely loved it. We debated about going this year due with Emma's reaction to the fireworks the day before. Our mind was made up for us when Emma and Owen fell asleep for that night at 8.

July 4th
We had a BBQ with my dad's family. His brother and sister as well as my cousin traveled from Washington, Colorado, Arizona respectively. They got a kick out of Emma and Owen. They were the only great grandchildren there since my sister didn't make it. Owen instantly became uncle Dean's shadow. Owen isn't a shy person but Emma on the other hand was extremely shy. She didn't want me to put her down and she'd hide her face into my shoulder when anyone spoke to her. Then when she finally let me put her down, Emma would bend over and put her head down on the ground to hide. It reminded me of an ostrich! She did eventually warm up and started showing off by dancing, jumping, and twirling.

July 5th
The 5th and 6th we attended a reunion for my mom's immediate family. It was wonderful to see all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We couldn't attend all the festivities but we did make it for the dinner show at Mountain River Ranch in Ririe. Barry and I went without the kids and it made for a fun date night. You can read all about our time there on my cousin's blog. Just so you know, I would totally recommend the steak. It was worth the extra 5 dollars!

July 6th
To celebrate my Grandpa's 83rd birthday we had a carnival, BBQ, and homemade ice cream with cake at my uncle's home. We got there a little early so they were setting up. Emma wandered around and found the prize bucket. Being unmanned, she helped herself to as many Smarties as she could hold. I got her to be happy with just one for each hand as you can see in the picture. She also found the balloon dart stand and promptly popped a few balloons by just pulling them off. I figure she was just taking her turn before the big kids got there.

I wished I could have taken more pictures. Emma was pretty busy bee that day. I had to follow her the whole time to keep her out of mischief. This is a picture from my cousin's blog of Owen. Make sure you read her post to see the other fun things we did. Uncle David and Aunt Linda did a really good job.

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