Monday, January 27, 2014

First Lost Tooth

Owen lost his first tooth on November 17th. We wiggled and attempted pulling it out for weeks before. Even his aunt tried pulling it out but that ended up in a total melt down. She did loosen it a lot though. His permanent tooth had already cut through so we told him it was very important to wiggle it everyday to make room for his new tooth.

When he failed to do so, we decided it was time to bribe motivate him with a reward trip to Toys R Us. He could get some Angry Bird Star Wars telepod figures when the tooth fell out. Everyday he'd bother us about going to Toy R Us. We stuck to our guns and said we wouldn't take him there until he tooth was out.

Eventually it was so loose that it was sticking out beyond his other teeth. We told him it wouldn't take but one pull and it'd be out. He finally let Barry try and he was successful. Owen was about to cry when he exclaimed, "I get to go to Toys R Us!"

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