Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Salt Lake City Trip

In November, we took a mini-vacation to Salt Lake City. Now that Barry's sister doesn't live down there we hadn't been down for a while.

We asked Owen what he wanted to do in Utah. He said he wanted to go to the Lego Store and the dinosaur place with the water and sand table (a.k.a the erosion table). He was talking about the Natural History Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

It's an awesome museum. They have complete skeletons of all the popular dinosaurs. There are also lots of places for the kids to play. One activity spot you can to dig and sweep off sand to find dinosaur bones. Then there is the erosion table where they can play with sand and water. We spent at least an hour there. The kids are suppose to learn how flash floods and erosion are involved in creating and finding fossils.

Emma loves dinosaurs. Owen has a big T-Rex at home that she plays with occasionally and carries around. She will even give it hugs. Emma was really fascinated with the dinosaur skeletons. I can't count the number of times I heard her say wow or listened to her roar.

Owen also wanted to go swimming at the hotel. He used to be so afraid to swim without mom or dad holding him even when he was wearing his life jacket. Now he swims by himself without any issues. We bought Emma a life jacket and she enjoyed being the pool much better than the last time. She doesn't like water in her face so we got her the life jacket to keep her face above water.


We met up with my college friends for a double date. We went to dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse called Rodizio grill. We've been there a couple times when we've been in Salt Lake and it's always really good. Then we went to a bakery called Kneaders. Barry had the Raspberry Bread Pudding. I had a few bites and it was wonderful! My white macadamia nut cookie was good too but next time I know to get the bread pudding instead.

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