Friday, January 17, 2014

Halloween 2013

I always look forward to Halloween. I love dressing up the kids and Autumn is my favorite season. The weather is just right. It's not too cold and not too warm.

A week or so before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch that is about 15 minutes away from us. Owen and Emma were really excited about picking out their own pumpkin. We didn't carve them but we did put them outside for decoration.

Owen is still obsessed with Angry Birds. I think it's because they keep coming out with different variations of the game. This year Owen wanted to be the Red Angry Bird. I found an easy tutorial on Pinterest so I decided to make his costume. This is the 3rd year that I've made his costume. I really enjoy making them.

I followed the instructions from this blog. I used fleece for the body and felt for the face. The only thing I'd do different would be not to use the sewable Heat n' Bond adhesive paper. I thought using it would be faster and easier than pinning. Boy was I wrong! It took much longer because the felt did't want adhere to the fleece for some reason. Next time just stick to the instructions. ;)

I made the pattern pieces for the face. I downloaded, manipulated, and printed off a Red Bird vector image. It was fast and easy for this computer geek. Most people will find drawing the pattern by hand to be just as easy. To finish off the costume, I also made a fleece hat using this pattern, and then, I had Owen wear a long sleeve red shirt and red sweats underneath.

I didn't make Emma's costume since I found this way cute cat costume from Carters. She really likes kitty-cats.

We went to our church Trunk r' Treat. It was so cold! Good thing Owen and Emma's costumes were warm and that they had hot chocolate there. The best part is they also served cake donuts! They are so much better than dough donuts in my opinion. It was fun to compare what Owen did on his 2nd Halloween versus Emma. Emma has a sweet tooth and wanted to eat everything.  Owen, on the other hand, didn't like candy back then except for Smarties.

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