Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter. Barry's sister came with her family from Salt Lake and we enjoyed spending time with them. Like Christmas, Owen didn't get what all the hoopla was about but he did enjoy sticking the plastic eggs in his mouth. We had a little Easter egg hunt at Barry's parents with all the cousins. Grandpa put some eggs out in the open for the little ones like Owen and hid some for the older cousins. We walked Owen to them and he easily just picked up a couple. We enjoyed the candy inside for him.

Yesterday Owen got his basket. It was filled with animal crackers, Gerber lil' Cheetos, and some cars. The cars are the kind that you can pull back and they go. Owen doesn't like the noise they make when they are pulled back so he just pushes them around. He also wore his new outfit to church. We went to church with Barry's parents and all the family. We had a wonderful dinner afterward.

We had a difficult time getting Owen to smile for pictures. This time he is definitely teething and so he didn't feel like smiling. His gums are swollen so we'll see in a little while which teeth decide to pop up. Hopefully the teething tablets will help some. He isn't interested in any teething toys so we've been a little lax with his binkie as that's the only thing he likes.

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  1. It was very nice to have you all around for the Easter Holiday. I understand that Owen likes plastic eggs Love Grandpa Vest