Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Handy Work

I've caught Owen a couple times sucking (he has no teeth) on the front rail of his crib. I figured I better get something to protect all the rails before he gets teeth and then turns into a little beaver. Plus it makes the crib look not so plain. We had to take the bumper off when Owen started using it to pull himself up.

After some research, I found that the products out there were either too expensive, didn't work, or probably wouldn't work on our crib. The front rail of our crib is wide and the underside of the rail is arch-shaped. Thinking back to the problems we had attaching the bumper pad we bought, I decided to make my own crib rail protector.

It was super easy. I basically just made a thin-padded pillow with ties for each side of the crib. The ties are grosgrain ribbon and the padding is quilt batting. I used super glue on the ends of the grosgrain ribbon so I wouldn't have to sew the ends to prevent unraveling. I'm pretty proud of my handy work. It feels so good when your projects work out and don't turn into nightmares (mine usually do).
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