Monday, February 2, 2009

Fully Furnished

We got our new couches and chair for our living room upstairs. So exciting! Here some pictures of them.


Without the TV, the one wall looks a little bare. We do have a big clock coming that is back ordered until sometime this month so I'm going to wait until I do anything. It may go down stairs since our basement doesn't have a clock. Here are some pictures of the basement fully furnished.

Yesterday we had a Super Bowl party with some family. Lots of good food and I have to admit I cheated on my diet. Good thing I can redeem myself this week. Having the new basement was so nice. The kids had so much room to run and play. 

Right now Owen and I have colds (Owen was so nice to share). We both have nose hoses that turn stuffy at times. Yesterday I was a bit achy but nothing that Tylenol didn't help. I took a long nap today and I felt good enough to finish my work hours. Next Monday we are heading to St. George for some fun in the sun. We rented a condo with Barry's parents and Barry's grandparents may come too. We'll make sure to stop and see our Utah friends and relatives.