Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recent Sewing Projects

We have two nieces that are arriving in June. Our sister-in-law Joni and our sister-in-law Allison are both expecting. I asked Joni what she wanted and she requested that I make one of my cute blankets. So I decided to do a taggie, two burp cloths, and a blanket for both Joni and Allison. I was going to wait to give them out but I'll let the cat out of the bag now so Melissa can see them. I was telling her about them the other day. 

This is the first time I have crocheted around a blanket. I bought a winged needle to make the holes and found it was harder than normal sewing. Unlike sewing you can't get too close to the edge of the fabric or else you'll end up having problems with fraying when you push your crochet needle through.

Anyway, I found this Teri yarn by Baby Red Heart. It is so soft and comes in lots of pastel colors. I think it turned out really cute around these blankets and burp cloths. It's hard to see in the picture (unless you click on it) but the fabric I chose for David and Joni has stars, cowgirl boots, cowgirl hats, and lassos. For Steve and Allison I used fabric with lady bugs on it for the taggie and burp cloths. Both blankets  have brown backings. You can't see it but I did a light green backing (like the taggie's color) for Steve and Allison's burp cloths and brown for David and Joni's burp cloths.

Just when I thought I was done with sewing for a while we find out Barry's sister Amanda is expecting too. She is due in August so we should find out in 5 weeks or so what gender she is having. My friend Malinda is expecting her second child, a girl. So I'll be busy making some more in the future. Keeps me busy from dwelling on things I can't control.

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