Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daddy's Back Home!

I can't wait until Saturday when we can go back to our normal schedule. Sunday morning Barry left for Portland with his brother David to pick up some nursery supplies. He was gone until Wednesday afternoon. So I had juggle Owen and working from home all by myself for 3 days straight. I was OK all Sunday and Monday morning but by Monday afternoon I was really missing Barry and so was Owen.

I had to get creative with ways to keep Owen happy and entertained. I made him bowling pins out of paper and taught him how to knock them down. Tuesday I took him to McDonald's for lunch so he could run around in the play area. Afterward we did some shopping and when we got home we played with some bubbles and play-dough we bought. By Wednesday morning we were both pretty sick of being without Daddy. We were relieved to say the least to have him home that afternoon.

So what did Barry do you may ask? Sunday he drove for 12 hours to Portland. Monday & Tuesday morning they visited some tree nurseries, took in some nature, and visited the temple grounds. They even visited the outlet stores there and got Owen some cute shirts from Oshkosh and a souvenir Portland shirt for both of us. Late Tuesday afternoon they drove 6 hours to Meridian and stayed the night. Wednesday morning they they drove 5 hours from Meridian to home. It was a whirlwind of a trip and he came home pretty tired. 

As Owen's cheesy smile shows, we are all happy Daddy is back!

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  1. The next time he's in Meridian he needs to come visit! We're not too far off the freeway.

  2. Your little boy has the cutest smile EVER! Glad your hubby got home safely, its hard when daddy isn't home to entertain the kids part of the time.