Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Week So Far

We've had a full week but a really good one so far. Monday night we had dinner and played games with some other adoptive couples, Bryan (Barry's cousin) & JaNan and Neal & Brenda. We ate and talked a lot. We talked so much that we played only a couple rounds of a game called Snorta. That was OK with all of us. We rarely get to talk with other couples experiencing the same family growth woes and when you do it seems there is so much to talk about. I guess misery loves company. All of us are trying to add a second child to our respective families but they have waited a year longer than us. The kids had lots of fun playing. Owen started off shy but eventually enjoyed playing with Aedin & Halle.

Tuesday at lunch break I went over to Payless and bought Owen some new shoes. We had problems with Owen's shoes last week. The velcro straps just wouldn't stay put because he has outgrown them. It was time to break down and buy Owen new shoes. He has huge feet for his age (size 8T). I got the one pair 40% off so I got Owen's summer sandals early. I love shoes! Aren't these so cute!

The big event this week was that yesterday Owen met his birthmother for the first time. It was simply just a happy moment and we were so glad she felt good about seeing him. We all expected it'd be really hard. She mentioned it was so much easier seeing him as a toddler because he doesn't look like the baby she placed. She wanted to see him several times before but we had bad feelings about it and now we know why. She just wasn't ready. Owen didn't want her to hold him (typical toddler reaction) but after a bit he did tease her a couple times by getting close and then running away. She loved watching him interact with Barry and I and watching him play. I think we'll be seeing more often as time goes by. I am so glad Owen has such a good birthmother.


  1. We had a great time too. It's fun to visit and swap stories.

    Lets do it again!

  2. Cute shoes! I too am a shoe-aholic! :) How neat that you got to get together with Owen's BM! What a treasure. Our kids' BM's said the same thing... that it's easier to see them when they are a little older. :) Glad it was a great experience for you guys!