Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I figured I haven't posted many new pictures of Owen. I took some pictures of him in the bath to show off his new hair cut. He was so shaggy and now he looks like a respectable little boy again. We were calling him Butch afterword. As you can see in the last picture Owen likes to lay on his tummy in the bath tub. Funny how he hated his tummy when he was a baby and now he sleeps on his tummy, bathes on his tummy, and watches TV on his tummy.

I still cannot believe he'll be 2 the end of April. We'll be getting invitations out for his birthday. We're planning on (at least I'm planning on) a quieter and smaller party than his 1st one. But hey that was his 1st birthday. What else can you do but go hog wild!

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