Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ran through the Wringer

Barry is in SLC until late, late Wednesday night. He probably won't come home until 10 PM. He and his dad are working on fixing up of his sister's home. They are painting every room but the nursery (I'm not sure about the bathrooms). They are also putting in baseboard throughout the house and putting Pergo flooring in the kitchen/dining room. Then when they leave they will have every room re-carpeted.

I'm glad Barry and Dad are available to help but it was poor timing because yesterday Owen decided to be tornado. Yesterday morning he split the entire joint of the left entertainment center door. I had placed the ottoman to keep it open. The AV Receiver and the Blue Ray player get over heated if the glass door is closed and Owen won't leave it alone. He has this thing about closing doors. Anywho, Owen pushed the ottoman as far left as he could and the door joint couldn't take the pressure. It split. I'm pretty sure it can be glued together with some wood glue.

Later he took the remainder of the Fabreze bottle and either dumped it over himself or sprayed himself so much that it soaked his shirt and got into his eyes. He can now untwist caps off but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have drank it since he had his binkie in his mouth the whole time. So I had to give him a bath to flush his eyes.

Thinking the worse was over, I took him after his nap for a walk. I didn't put him in the stroller because I thought the walking would be good for him. At the end of the walk he decided it would be fun to play a game of chase into the neighbor's yard. He stepped into the mud and I chased after him and ended up loosing my shoe because it was stuck in the mud.

Needless to say, this sounds funny now but it wasn't funny at the time. Thankfully today has been so much better. Owen woke up in such a better mood and so did I. We just want our daddy home again! It's not fun trying the entertain the both of us.

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