Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Owen's Quilt

We've figured out part of the reason why Owen is waking up at 3 AM and wanting to go sleep with us. His toddler bed is not big enough for him to roll around so he ends up either rolling out or his legs are flung out the side. We have a twin bed that that has a pillow top with box springs. We bought it for guests knowing that Owen would use it eventually. So we figured it was time to upgrade him. Good thing our crib is convertible so it wasn't any money wasted on a toddler bed.

Well, I couldn't find any bedding I wanted for him so I decided to make a quilt instead. Thank you to Momma Vest for helping me tie it! Here is a picture of Owen showing how much he cares about the quilt. Hehe. And the last picture is the completed project. Whew! Thank goodness it's finished. I only wish I'd made it bigger to cover the sides of the bed better. I guess you learn but it's just the right size for Owen for a couple years at least.

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