Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Man Delivered

I've been ragging on Barry about the last time I got roses. Call me boring but they are my favorite flower. I really ragged on him this week with Valentines Day coming up. I even told him he could wait after Valentines Day so they wouldn't be so costly. He gave me the usual song and dance about how Valentines Day is so commercialized so I totally didn't expect him to deliver. But boy did he deliver! Aren't they gorgeous! 

For Barry I'm making him a homemade Valentine card with an IOU for Sunday breakfast, back scratches at night, a happy disposition, and a cleaner house all for a week. You can't tell that I really love my roses can you?


  1. I want those flowers! They are gorgeous! Tell Barry good job:)

  2. Those ARE really pretty! What a nice guy!

  3. oh, they are beautiful-tell him good job!