Saturday, May 30, 2009

Train Table

After 8 or so hours of blood, sweat and a couple "dang-it"s and "shoot"s, Owen's train table is basically finished. I have some touch up painting to do and I need to screw in the middle support brace but those can wait. It works is all I can say!

I used some really simple plans from a web site called Squirrel Tracks. All it took was a piece of 1/2" 4x8' plywood, paint, drywall screws, and some scrap 2x4"s. Thanks Neal S. for getting the plywood board and cutting it out. Then I sanded, painted, and assembled it all by myself! It was my project so it doesn't bother me a bit that Barry didn't help. It just makes the sense of pride and accomplishment even sweeter. I can hardly believe little ol' me drilled the pilot holes and screwed in the drywall screws. I even sawed by hand the 2x4 support blocks.

I simply love the blue and green I picked out which is saying something because I never pick out the right color. I also love that I can store Owen's trains, tracks, and accessories under it. I put on top the rug Owen's been using so far to play trains. I figured it would serve two purposes, protect and give some interest. We'll see if we keep it there.

After I get it completely finished then I'm going to put these way cute Thomas vinyls on it.

Happy Owen!

The world's longest train!

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  1. Okay becca, when did you get so crafty and handy? That table is AWESOME!!! I can't believe you made should sell them:)

  2. That's sooo cool. Hunter would be jealous. You are so talented!