Friday, September 7, 2012

Emma Sitting Up

I've wanted to post about Emma sitting up for weeks. Finding any spare time to get on the computer and getting a post up is next to impossible lately. Both Owen and Emma went to bed early tonight so I jumped at the opportunity before I got distracted doing anything else!

Emma started sitting up on her own about 3 weeks ago. Lately she only falls backward or to the side when she is trying to grab something, like a toy that is out of reach, so we still either sit and play next to her or put a couch pillow or her Boppy pillow behind her. Other times she gets tired of playing and will fall back on purpose.

Here is a short video of Emma when she was first sitting up.

Tenacious and determined  would be the best words to describe Emma these days. She literally launches herself forward when she sees something she wants to grab. She is fairly innate at rolling now, so once she gets to tummy she'll roll toward her destination.

She desperately wants to crawl and she's scooted backwards a few times. She was sitting in the living room the other day when she started pushing her bum off the floor over and over again with her hands on the floor. She was trying to push up just enough to fall onto her knees. Eventually she pushed herself over but her knees couldn't hold her weight so she face planted instead. I don't enjoy seeing her get frustrated, and I especially do not like to see her get bonks, but I'm not pushing her to crawl anytime soon either.

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