Monday, September 17, 2012

Emma's First Tooth

I shouldn't had been surprised when Emma's first tooth broke through September 2nd. I was given plenty of warning at Emma's last checkup. I wish I had a picture to post but it has been more elusive than when I was trying to take the first picture of her smiling.

To save you from a confusing explanation, I've marked Emma's first tooth on this diagram with a #1.

Last week Emma had her 6 month wellness visit. After feeling in her mouth, Dr. Edwards said he could feel several little bumps. I got a glimpse of Emma's mouth a couple days ago and sure enough the incisor, marked #2, is almost through and #3 is on its way as well. Poor baby and poor mama who has a lot of teething to go through for the next couple months! At least Emma is a very sweet baby and doesn't bite down on my finger with her new tooth when give her Ora-gel or a little gum massage.

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