Thursday, September 27, 2012

Emma's 6 Month Checkup

After realizing Emma turning 7 months next Tuesday I decided I better busta' move and get this post published. Emma had her 6 month check up two weeks ago. She weighted exactly 16 pounds and measured 25 inches. This puts in her in the 50th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height (Dr. Edwards called her a shorty, not nice. LOL. It's mostly OK being that I'm not exactly tall either). She is perfectly healthy and developmentally right on track except he wasn't convinced she knew her name. I must admit I call her "baby" or "baby girl" too much so I've made it a point to be better.

Barry took Emma outside the other day to wait for Owen's bus. Emma loved the grass.
She was kicking like crazy and putting her hands in it contiually. 

I am happy to report that Emma's silent acid reflux is almost completely under control (only spits up once or twice a day) and her eczema has nearly vanished after starting her on a daily dose of probiotics (good bacteria). For the most part, the Prevacid she was taking and Enfamil AR (added rice) formula alleviated most of her symptoms but she would still spit up a lot and have episodes of heartburn.

Then at 3 months old she started having eczema. It was when I fed her pear puree for the 1st time that I found it triggered her ezcema. Without fail, 5 minutes into her feeding Emma's eczema would be inflamed with little red bumps all over her body. The same reaction happened with applesauce. I did some searching on the Internet and learned that fruit like pears, apples, peaches are quite acidic unlike vegetables and should be avoided by acid reflux sufferers.

I did a little experiment and gave Emma peas for two dinners instead and she didn't have any reaction! Unfortunately even avoiding fruit wasn't 100% foolproof. Sometimes she would still have a reaction and I noticed those were the times when she was having acid reflux issues. I figured the acidity of her stomach  was off kilter and the fruits were making it even worse.  I know bacteria in the stomach play a role in good gut health so I decided to try her on probiotics and it has been an answer to our prayers. She can now eat fruit without any eczema flare ups.

Emma has also had another tooth break through. It is the other tooth in the center of her bottom jaw.

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