Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Emma!

Emma's aunt Jen took this beautiful picture!

On September 2nd, Emma turned 6 months old! Some days it feels she is growing up way too fast. Usually those are the busy days when I have so much going on. Other days I have nothing to do for the 2 hours between work and Owen getting home from school. That's when I let Emma become my whole world. Time can slow down if choose to let it. I find getting down on the floor to play and be with Emma makes my cup run over.

It was also a special day because September 2nd is her Grandma Jaylene's birthday. She would be 54 this year. I truly believe that birthdays are still important in heaven. Our loved ones must realize that their birthday, for those of us left behind, is a day when we are thinking of them and probably missing them.

Miss Emma I am so glad you were born and that your first parents decided to place you in our family. Happy Half Birthday!

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