Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun at the Fair

Friday afternoon Barry took Owen and me to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. I wish I had pictures to share. I even told myself earlier that day to bring the camera. Oh well. The last time Barry and I went was two years ago. It seems that we go about every two years. We went this year to take Owen to see the animals. We saw chickens, roosters, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, and cows. Owen liked the sheep and goats the best. They would come right up to him in his stroller.

Barry and I both made the mistake of having late lunches so we weren't hungry for anything but dessert. We really were looking forward to prime rib sandwiches. Oh well, desert was really good anyway! Barry had a funnel cake and I had scone nuggets. Then we needed something refreshing to help with the thirst those sweets had caused. By this time Owen was so fussy. We got some lime Ricky's and then released the stroller's back into lay down mode. He fell right asleep.

The rest of the fair wasn't so great. It isn't smoke free so everywhere you'd get whiffs of smoke. Gag! And it was starting to get crowded. The commerical buildings were pretty boring too unless you wanted to buy a vacuum that could suck a bowling ball. We did see the coolest thing right before we left. There was this booth where people would go before a green screen and be entirely covered with green capes. The technician would then put the image of their heads on these little rendered images of bodies in costume that would dance to music. This would all be recorded to DVD. We saw a couple people doing Viva Las Vegas. It was show girl body and an Elvis body. It was hilarious! Overall, we had fun. We'll probably take Owen again when he's 3.

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