Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake...

Owen is in the stage where nearly every day he is doing something new. This week Barry was teaching Owen pat-a-cake. So here is a little video of Barry helping him at first and then Owen doing it himself. 

It's hard not to compare your child's abilities to another child. His cousin Eloise knows the sign for "more" and she can give high-fives. Even another little boy in our ward who is a month older than Owen knows the sign for "more." I realize girls are typically faster learners but I figure Owen just isn't interested in those things. I would really love to have him learn the signs for "drink", "hungry", "more", "tired", and "hurt." That would really help me out when I have no clue what he wants and all he can say is "uh-uh-uh."

A little update on the kitties. Like we originally thought, they are our neighbors' kitties. They went out of town and the kitties were lonely and for some reason not eating the food over there. It was nice to have them just as visitors. We've had an offer for Owen to get a kitty of his own but I'm not sure. Winter is coming around and any cat that came to our house would need to be an outside cat. So, I'm debating. Plus you have to worry about feeding them and health care but at least unlike a dog you don't have to have a fence.


  1. He is so freakin' cute! He doesn't need to sign anything, he has his parents wrapped around his fingers! :o) As all babies do! I think you need to post more videos! :o)

  2. That was so cute! I love it! What a good daddy!
    Don't take too much stalk in signing. Owen will communicate, and then you will wonder how to get him to be a little more quiet. The stage of "why?" is coming!