Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look Ma! I'm Eating with a Spoon

I can't believe what a big boy Owen is becoming. He is getting pretty good with eating with a spoon. Though he'll still pick up the food with his hands about half the time even with a spoon in his hands. Today he went to nursery without mommy being there. Not to jinx myself but he didn't cry a bit! I was more leary about him being alone. He'll be 17 months this upcoming Saturday. I miss my little baby but I must say it's easier to attend Sunday School and Relief Society.

There was a mother and her one month baby girl who sat across from me in Relief Society. I felt sad thinking about the baby girl we were suppose to get last month. She's one month right now too. Oh well [sigh]. Hopefully soon enough we'll have our next baby in our arms.


  1. Congrats to owen! He is getting soo cute! We should get together and let the kids play.

  2. LOL!! Sooo cute!!! He is going to town with that spoon!!

  3. He is so fun! You are a lu cky, lucky woman.

  4. Oh my goodness he is getting SO big you guys!