Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Comic Relief

Thank heaven for our little boy! Owen has been our comic relief lately. He's been doing lots of funny new things. One of his favorites is to find either Mama's or Daddy's shoes and with one on go all over the house. I'll have to get this on video as well as his latest trick of doing the moon walk (walking backwards). He's also into putting as many things as he can in his hands. He can't just have two things in them now. He has 5 of the little soft Tonka cars and he tries to carry all of them. He gets upset when one drops. To make it even more funny, when he does have his hands full he'll try to use his mouth or teeth to pick up his binkie or sippy cup. I need to find him a little mesh bag for him so he doesn't have to try to fit so much in his hands.
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