Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little Visitors

Last night Barry did something against his nature and befriended a stray kitty. We heard a little kitty meowing so we lured it to the door by feeding it. Then we showed Owen the kitty and he went crazy. Banging on the door and smiling and talking. This morning we woke to two kitties. Barry thinks they may be our neighbors but we couldn't get ahold of them. They must be out of town.

Anyway, every few minutes Owen would race over to the porch door and check on the kitties. They acted like most cats do. They would look up when Owen banged on the door and started gabbering but then just went back to sleep. We put out an old blanket for the one kitty last night and of course they love it.
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  1. That is too cute! If you're interested in a baby kitty just for Owen Bryan's parents "stray" kitty just had kittens so he can take a pick of the litter :o)

  2. If they aren't claimed.... and if you don't want two..... Well, you now where I am going with this... I would just have to consult with Nathan first. I love little black and white kitties.

  3. WHOA! that's crazy! i hope they don't stay long. they can get annoying. I agree with amanda.

  4. Fun! I bet Owen loves it! I don't think my dog would like it too much.